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Interesting Aluminum Information


We are constantly thriving to increase our education within chemistry and biology. Recently we've been extremely interested in Aluminum and it's role on Earth. Many people do not realize just how abundant Aluminum is on our planet. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust next to silicon and oxygen. It makes up roughly 8% of the Earth's crust.

While Aluminum is abundant in the Earth it is not known to offer any use for life forms. Aluminum is extremely reactive in the chemical sense which is really where it's value lies.

Recently we came across an interesting PDF file from Utah State University. It is written by Georgia C. Lauritzen, Ph.D, Food and Nutrition Specialist. In the article it discusses Aluminum and it's impact on our health. It's quite an interesting read considering most of us are misinformed when it comes to Aluminum, whether health related or in general.

Our goal is to do business through education which is why we write these blog articles. Many people see Aluminum and instantly have negative thoughts, which is somewhat justified. The fact is that many have never done any research on this topic for themselves because we are busy with our day-to-day lives.

One of the most interesting pieces of information in the PDF from the Utah State University website is this:

"What effect does aluminum have on health? A great deal of scientific study has been done over the years to identify the effect of aluminum on health. There is no known function or requirement in the human body. The amount of aluminum in the body is very low and is controlled by absorption from the intestinal tract. Increased aluminum consumption does not increase the amount absorbed.

Although aluminum is carried in the air, little, if any, is absorbed through the lungs. Typical meals analyzed for aluminum contained an average of 17 milligrams per day with range of 10–100 milligrams.

Can you get too much aluminum? In experimental animals fed large doses of aluminum, no toxic effects were shown. There is very little aluminum absorbed from the intestine no matter the amount consumed. No toxic symptoms have been shown in humans."

If you'd like to read this article yourself here is a link to the publication.

Drops of Balance contains Aluminum because the derivative source comes from the Earth. We want to help inform our customers about this element because our goal is to be totally honest about what our product does and what is within our product.

The aluminum is an intricate part of the water purification process however consuming this element does not mean it is completely absorbed by the body!

Making tap water safe with Drops of Balance

5884b9cdfc3394d88b1250d867129f3c.pngWith Drops of Balance mineral solution, tap water may be cleaned and made safe for consumption. Drops of Balance is a mineral concentrate that uses a sedimentation process to rid tap water of dissolved chemicals, metals and microbes. This water purifying solution works by dissolving invisible metals and toxins into visible insoluble particles. This makes the particulates heavier than the water causing them to sink and collect at the floor of the container. Drops of Balance does more than just clean water; it restores minerals to our drinking water. This easy solution improves the quality of drinking water by replacing minerals that our tap water loses during treatment processes in addition to other factors affecting our water sources.. Drops of Balance contains ionic sulfate minerals that are healthy to the body including but not limited to magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron.


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