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How to use Drops of Balance and Ways of Removing Sediments


Drops of Balance is a concentrated mineral solution that cleans water by removing microbes and toxins dissolved in the water. When using this solution, it is important that you prevent it from coming into contact with your eyes, clothing or surfaces in its concentrated state. Just like any other concentrated solution, ensure that Drops of Balance is not kept within the reach of children.

How Drops of Balance Works


- Drops of Balance solution is formulated to turn dissolved toxins and microbes into insoluble visible coagulated particulates.

- Once this happens, the particulates become heavier than water and drop to the bottom of the container holding the water. This process is known as sedimentation.

- Drops of Balance solution begins to work as soon as it is added to the water.

Drops of Balance Solution to Water Ratio

- The ration of Drops of Balance concentrated solution to water should always be 1-2 teaspoons to 5 liters or 1-1.5 gallons of water.

How to Use Drops of Balance with a Water Filtration System


- Our Water filtration systems are designed to remove coagulated particulates from water through the sedimentation process.

- However, these Water Filtration Systems do not use the sedimentation process to remove particulates from water.

- When using the Drops of Balance with our Water Filtration System, just fill the upper section with water and put 5 to 10 cc or 1 to 2 teaspoons of the Drops of Balance solution.

- The upper section of the filtration system holds about one to one and half gallons of water, which is about 5 liters.

- The water filters via the ceramic filter as well as the multi-layer earth filter and gets into the bottom chamber which holds up to 10 liters or 3 gallons of water.

- The coagulated particulates are not able to pass through the ceramic filter that is fitted with a 0.2 micron.

- This filtration process makes the water ready to drink in just a short time.

How to Use Drops of Balance without a Water Filtration System


- In case you are not using our Water Filtration System, Drops of Balance works through sedimentation process to clean water. Using Drops of Balance through sedimentation is a simple, straightforward process.

- Put the water that you wish to clean in a clean container and add the appropriate amount of Drops of Balance solution.

- For every 5 liters of water (or 1 gallon) add 1 to 1.5 teaspoons or 5cc to 10cc of Drops of Balance solution and stir.

- The water will turn cloudy or murky and though it appears unpleasant, it is very safe to drink immediately.

- Based on the quality of the water, you may opt to wait for between 24 and 48 hours so as to allow the sedimentation process to occur so all that all coagulated particulates sink to the floor of the container.

- Once the sedimentation process is complete, pour the crystal clear water into a different clear container.

- Drops of Balance is also available in a convenient two ounce ‘ready to go’ bottle that allows users to use per ounce serving.

- This is very easy because all you need to do is to add about 5 drops of the solution to clean 8oz of water. 

How to Clean your Water Filtration System

If you have a Water Filtration System, you will need to clean it occasionally so that it works more efficiently and you get rid of accumulated coagulated particulates. Consider getting a water filter cleaning kit. Here is how to clean the different chambers of the water filtration system:

1. Cleaning the Upper Chamber


- Remove the upper section of the water system then unscrew to get the micron ceramic filter out.

- Typically, the ceramic filter lasts for about one to two years depending on the abrasiveness of the cleaning process as well as water quality.

- Using a dedicated damp cloth or sponge, rinse the ceramic filter surface and wipe it.

- Due to sediment that collects on the ceramic surface, it tends to turn brownish or orange with time but this should not worry you. Since it is staining from sediment, don’t be so concerned about keeping the filter white.

- Avoid using detergents on this chamber because they can change the taste of the water in case they are not rinsed well.

- Also, as cleaning agents, detergents can permeate through some of the materials such as ceramic used to make the filtration system’s upper chamber due to their porous nature.

2. Cleaning the Lower Chamber


- After removing the upper chamber of the water filtration system, you will need to get the plate on which the multi-layer earth filter is attached.

- Get the lower chamber off the pedestal and rinse the earth filter with warm water.

- Even so, multi-layered earth filters do not require regular cleaning because they are maintenance free. They last for about a year depending on the quality of water.

- However, you may opt to rinse your multi-layer earth filter occasionally using warm water but it requires no wiping as in the case of the micron ceramic filters.

3. Cleaning the Spigot

- If you choose to clean your filtration system’s spigot, just hold it in place using one hand and use the other hand to unscrew the interior portion.

- Flush hot water through the faucet for several minutes and if you like, use a small brush to clean the dirt off.

- Rinse it well and screw it back in place

4. Assemble the Filtration System and Fill with Water

- After cleaning your water Filtration System, assemble the different components of the system back according to the instructions on the manual

- Fill the upper section to capacity (about 5 liters or 1.5 gallons of water).

- Add 1-2 teaspoons or 5-10 cc of the Drops of Balance solution to remove any microbes or toxins and add ionic sulfate minerals to your drinking water.


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