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Have you been using Drops of Balance? Benefits of this Product


Today, everything has to do with our health, our lifestyle, sustaining environment; and how long we live. There are numerous elements that enhance a healthy lifestyle. These include vitamins, a fit diet, and minerals that we consume on a daily basis. However, water is the most vital and organic component. It keeps the body clean and flushes toxins. It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Unfortunately, the water that flows through our faucet undergoes a rigorous treatment which leaves it laden with different chemicals, and leaves the tap water unlikely to drink


This makes it necessary to clean water before ingesting it into our bodies, which then removes any disease causing microbes and toxins, in addition, it increases the minerals that our bodies need to thrive. The use of Drops of Balance concentrated mineral solution is one of the most effective ways to clean water and make it safe to drink.

Top 5 benefits of using Drops of Balance mineral solution to clean your water:

2a. Drops of Balance is a Convenient, Simple Way of Cleaning Water Cleaning water with Drops of Balance solution is pretty simple. Whether you are using a Water Filtration System or not, all that is required is to add the recommended amount of solution to the stipulated quantity of water and the solution works on its own. When cleaning water from a container, the only thing required is stirring the water after adding Drops of Balance solution. The ratio of Drops of Balance to water quantity is also pretty simple to grasp. All you need to remember is that for every 1 to 1.5 gallons, you add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Drops of Balance solution. For users who are always on the move, there is the ‘on the go’ convenient Drops of Balance bottle pack that is easy to carry.

b. It is a Cost Effective Way of Cleaning Water and Adding Minerals Drops of Balance offers a highly cost effective way to clean your water. It only requires a small amount of this concentrated mineral solution to clean a considerable large amount of water. For instance, with only two teaspoons of Drops of Balance you clean 5 liters of water. This translates to about 1 milliliter of the solution for every 500 milliliters of water. If you look at the cost of treating dis-ease resulting from drinking contaminated water, it ranges from kidney problems to blood pressure ailments and skin conditions versus the cost of buying a bottle of this concentrated mineral solution. Realistically, Drops of Balance is the most cost effective way of cleaning your drinking water.

When you invest in Drops of Balance solution, you do not incur additional costs procuring water. The water you clean is basically the water that runs through your tap. This means that there are no trips to the store, no lifting heavy cases of bottled water or commuting to the store to fill up 3 gallon jugs. As a Drops of Balance consumer, you will not take trips to the recycling bins to get rid of plastic water bottles or deal with water delivery services, and you can take it anywhere. All you need to do is maintain your water filtration system, if you choose to opt for one. Maintenance entails cleaning and changing the filter in accordance to the guidelines of the manufacturer.

c. It is a Fast Way of Cleaning Water Drops of Balance utilizes a process that is fast and easy as the concentrated solution makes water safe to drink as soon as it is added. Water that is cleaned with Drops of Balance can be taken immediately after adding the solution. Though, the solution makes the water appear cloudy or murky, it removes toxins as soon as it comes into contact with the water. For people who might have a problem drinking the water when it still looks murky, they can wait for the sediments to sink to the floor of the container which ideally takes between 24 and 48 hours.

Nevertheless, if you are using a water filtration system, you can enjoy drinking clean, crystal clear water in just a few moments by adding Drops of Balance to your water. As a result, the water filtration system comes with ceramic filters and multi-layered earthen filters that remove sediments from the cleaned water as soon as Drops of Balance solution is added to the water. These filters do not use the sedimentation process to remove coagulated particles which creates the process to establish clean, crystal clear water fast.

d. Drops of Balance Removes Soluble Toxins and Heavy Metals from Water3 According to a study conducted by Associated Press, tap water in the United States contains numerous toxins, micro-organisms and heavy metals such as lead, barium, chlorine, arsenic and fluoride. These toxins and heavy metals cause diseases; some of which are chronic as well as allergenic. Drops of Balance concentrated mineral solution works by converting these soluble invisible toxins and metals present in tap water into insoluble, visible particulates that become heavier than water and sink to the bottom of the water vessel. This sedimentation process makes it easier to separate clean water from the toxins and heavy metals.

e. Drops of Balance improves the Quality of Water Moreover, the removal of toxins and microbes found in tap water; Drops of Balance contains important ingredients that enrich the human body. Such ingredients include potassium, magnesium, and many other ionic sulfated minerals that the body needs to thrive. This concentrated solution is effective by restoring the water minerals that are lost during water treatments, in addition to harmful factors that affect our natural water sources.

Drops of Balance improves the quality of your tap water by replacing lost minerals. Most importantly, when you choose to use Drops of Balance to clean and enhance your drinking water, you are investing in a product that creates a solution worldwide; household to household, person to person, farmer to farmer; with a guarantee of clean, mineralized water that is safe to consume on a daily basis.


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