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Chemicals that contaminate our drinking water & where do they come from?

A 2009 study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows that tap water in the US is largely contaminated. The study that saw 20 million tests conducted on tap water over a period of 3 yearsregistered 316 contaminants that include weed killers, industrial solvents, perchlorates, a rocket fuel component, and refrigerants amid others. Among the contaminants found, only 114 [...]

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Have you ever wondered why drinking water remains so clean even after a long period of time? It is very simple. Minerals like the aluminium sulfate are introduced into the water. It is very soluble in water with a melting point of 770 degrees, a density of 2.67 grams per cubic centimeter. The sulfate minerals act as the drinking [...]

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What is the Consequence of Using Chlorinated Tap Water?

According to reports by the U.S. General Accounting Office, there are serious gaps in water treatments in about 75% of the states. The Natural Resources Defense Council says that unclean water remains the biggest risk to human beings in the world and it constantly poses a threat to public health and the quality of life in the United States. [...]

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West Virginia Chemical Spill – Is the water safe to drink?

West Virginia Chemical Spill – Is the water safe to drink? On Thursday January 9th, 2014 a chemical spill occurred at the Kanawha River Valley, near Charleston, West Virginia. A spill of more than 5,000 gallons of chemicals rendered the waters unsafe for human consumption from the Elk River. Nearly 300,000 people were asked not to use water from their [...]

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Is Aluminum Healthy for Me?

Aluminum is the most prevalent metal on planet Earth. It is widely distributed and is a highly reactive element that does not exist as a free metal in nature. However, it is often found combined with elements such as silicon, oxygen and fluorine. As a metal, aluminum is obtained from minerals that contain aluminum, particularly bauxite. This metal is silvery [...]

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10 Minerals and Vitamins that Every Pregnant Women Should Use

During pregnancy, women need nutritious foods to avoid various health risks that poor nutrition poses to both the mother and the developing fetus. Poor nutrition can result in low birth weight which is associated with poor development and growth of children and chronic health problems such as diabetes later in life. To ensure healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women [...]

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What is the Consequence to Using Chlorinated Tap Water?

According to reports by the U.S. General Accounting Office, there exist serious gaps in water treatment gaps in about 75% of the states. The outcome of a study undertaken by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that an estimated 120 million people have no access to safe drinking water. At the same time, health officials [...]

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Benefits of Sulfated Minerals in Plants, Animals, and all living Beings

Benefits of Sulfated Minerals in Plants Animals, and all living Beings have been ignored because of not understanding the values of Liebig's Law of Minimum. Iron sulfate (Ferrous sulfate) - provides the iron needed by the body to produce red blood cells. It is used to treat or prevent iron-deficiency anemia, a condition that occurs when [...]

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Difference between Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water

Mineral water may be defined as water that contains sulfa ted minerals which are either naturally occurring in the water or added artificially using Drops of Balance concentrate solution. On the other hand, packaged drinking water is a water product created by water packaging companies by a filtering process that removes all water minerals before [...]

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